Flaring of metal, echoing in the clasping of sound waves of injustices.

In the matter of reality and suffering,

these things leave us working & slaving blindly to the idealism of green that becomes why we exist.

Laughter rings in the lonely warehouses, bodies of machines rattle isync.

Clashing, buffing, sanding –

this mindset has us gasping in the toxic coals of flesh.
Breeding, bleeding species of us.
Continuing the memoir of no trust,
leaving us on our knees rupturing with slaughter
and sorrow.


They saw away at this very skin –

metal wire tied tight at our own very esophaguses .
It digs deep in tissue.

Every sway of the hour hand that passes,

the machines tight hold strengthens.

Submerging the cord in dreadful dance of greed.

Leaving us to struggle for the very thing we long for –

unrestraint from these things,

machines that control everything!




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